Surfcast with "Striper" Mike
Pristine waters of Cape Cod

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Each 5 hour trip includes: ($150)

1.) Personalized video

2.) Learn how to "read" a beach

3.) Learn to use the "right" gear

4.) Selecting the best lures

5.) Proper handling of fish

6.) 9 ft. surf rod & reel provided

7.) Enjoying the experience
** $10 Massachusetts Saltwater

    license required ages 16 - 59

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Podcast series
Cape Cod
 Striped bass experiences

Calvin - an active member in the US Navy and avid Striped Bass fisherman

Anthony - a retired Navy Veteran and Striped Bass fisherman

Amy - Sports Port Bait & Tackle owner with two Cape Cod stories

Jeff - two time MFCC Surfcaster's casting Tournament Champion

East End Lure Co. with founder Tyler & Giant Cape Cod Bass

Captain Steve Leary - May 27, 2021 - two giant striped bass

Carl's Provincetown and Cape Cod Canal experience.

Ben's two charter trips and a Cape Cod Canal blockbuster!

John's big striper and his Cape Cod Canal unforgettable experience.